Where did Jakisu come from?

Where did Jakisu come from?

Beyond our passion for barbecues, Jakisu was created as a business to not only satisfy the needs of the market, but to also exceed our customers’ expectations, who demand the best.

When we set up Jakisu, we came up with three fundamental factors to offer the top-quality barbecue market: obligations, duties and results.

Obligations: current legislation obliges us to not set fires or light barbecues on terraces, in gardens or green spaces, thereby avoiding the risk of fire and respecting neighbourly coexistence.

Duties: at Jakisu we feel that it is our duty to respond on this basis. Drawing from the legislation to prevent fires, our creative team set out to be innovative by creating barbecues that met all the legal requirements and fulfilled all social needs.

Results: Jakisu’s electric barbecues were born from our effort and professional experiences: Indispensable items for gardens, terraces or businesses if, like us, you are a fan of the small joy of gathering around a barbecue and enjoying the fresh air.

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Fabricación personalizada a la medida “Somos fabricantes”.

Nos adaptamos a tus necesidades.


For kitchens and gardens.


Self-service barbecues with no unpleasant smoke or risk of fire.

Urban Line

For parks, gardens and similar public places.

Professional /
Show cooking

Restaurants, Gastronomy Societies and especially for the preparation of food in front of the diners.