Public Urban Line

Urban Line

Ideal for use in: standard single-family homes, villas with gardens, rural houses, community residential complexes, flats with terraces, town halls and other governmental organisations, theme parks, rest, leisure and entertainment areas, hostels and many more.

Jakisu;s urban barbecue line is very useful for private and public properties of all types. They are designed for use on terraces, in parks, communal gardens and other similar locations.

Their design allows users to enjoy time with their family and friends in comfort, eliminating the risk of fire, in concordance with current legislation about the use of barbecues and their positive coexistence.

Effective, quick, easy and simple

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Great energy efficiency.

■  The construction material, steel AISI 304/316, alongside other materials reaches higher heating power in less time.

■  Large grilling capacity, due to its power and large surface area.

■  Set programming, adjustable for every situation.

■  Continuous energy regulation.

Respect for the environment.

■  Green Barbecues: Jakisu’s stainless steel electric barbecues were conceived and designed to look after the environment. Not just because they use clean materials that generate very little waste, but also because they eliminate any risk of spark or fire. Taking care of the environment is a duty that we must all take seriously.

■  With this objective in mind, it was essential to develop technologies that service and protect the environment.

■  No need for fuel or flammable liquids, avoiding the dangers of fire  which is part of a traditional barbecue.

■  Regulatory temperature system at 60-320º which prevents excessive heat and the production of smoke pollution.

■  Ready for green energy use coming from solar panels.

Total safety.

■  Safety switches both to start it up and switch it off.

■  Insulation to avoid burns, thanks to its heat-proof construction to avoid excessive heat production.

■  Audible warning system to protect the user, especially children.

■  No risk of fire as it is a totally electric and protected system.

■  Tamper-proof.

■  The models that are indicated for public use can have a clock timer incorporated.

Hygiene and health.

■  As it filters off the excess liquids, it helps the health of the user by not ingesting fat from the food.

■  HealthyIn electric barbecues, Jakisu is concerned for your health. Cook food in a healthy way such as vegetables, kebabs, seafood, fish, hamburgers, cutlets etc. Make the most of the stainless steel surface to cook with minimal oil and delight your senses.

■  Clean: Situated in its upper area, the Jakisu barbecue has a stainless steel surface. It has a drainage opening in the centre area, designed to remove excess fat or liquids proceeding from the food.


■  Made from surgical steel, reducing corrosion and wear and tear to a minimum.

■  Anti-tamper resistant: This Urban Line is known for being much more reinforced than other models, which makes it stronger and more robust. The great quality of its materials turns it into the ideal barbecue for staying as good as new, even when kept outside.


■  As much for its ease of use as for its (optional) side tray to put food on.

■  Cooking with Jakisu electric barbecues is a pleasure, as they are smart and very easy to use, perfect for urban use. Be satisfied and enjoy a healthy meal.


For kitchens and gardens.


Self-service barbecues with no unpleasant smoke or risk of fire.

Urban Line

For parks, gardens and similar public places.

Professional /
Show cooking

Restaurants, Gastronomy Societies and especially for the preparation of food in front of the diners.