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How safe is the Jakisu electric barbecue?

User safety is one of the aspects that has always concerned us the most. For this reason, we have incorporated sensors that set off an alarm when the barbecue reaches very high temperatures, regardless of whether this is due to the cooking process, exposure to the sun or other sources of external heat. All out trays have rounded edges to avoid the classic accident of bumping into the corners. Other safety elements that have been incorporated are: automatic liquid elimination, thermal insulation to avoid heating the exterior of the grill so it always maintains an ambient temperature, a system for lighting and switching off that prevents the Jakisu from lighting or switching off accidentally.

Can you program the cooking time?

The barbecue has a selector, or electronic switch, that allows you to set lighting times in advance. The information about usage and cooking times can be seen in the same display where the temperature information appears.

Does it give off a lot of smoke?

The large amount of smoke produced in traditional cooking is bad for your health. Jakisu offers a healthier cooking option – practically smoke-free. Jakisu is committed to looking after your health, with all the potentially carcinogenic factors of a traditional barbecue being reduced to the minimum possible.

Is the taste of the food as good as a traditional barbecue?

Or even better! Our barbecue keeps the grilled taste without excess fat and with even cooking. The possibility of setting the ideal times and temperatures for different food items enhances their flavour.



How do you clean a Jakisu barbecue?

Once you have finished using the grill, clean it by turning the tap on when the grill is still hot. The cooking surface will go down to allow the liquids and fat to empty out through the central opening. It is not necessary to add ice or apply harmful chemical products. The water will empty automatically and be stored in a tank. Jakisu models have been designed to avoid accumulating food waste and fat in the corners, which is why there is no soldering in those key points. This should make cleaning the grill and ensuring adequate hygiene easier.

Do you have plans for a special system to eliminate waste?

The integral decanter works on density, which allows it to separate grease from water, storing them in different tanks. In this way, water can be reused, and grease and oils can be thrown out without harming the environment. A recycling bin has been included to make this job easier.



What is its efficiency level?

The cooking plate is made of stainless surgical steel alloy AISI/316 and other metals with great capacity for conducting heat. This allows it to reach optimal cooking temperatures in less time than other grills on the market. On the other hand, this alloy used to build the cooking area prevents deformation and corrosion over time, regardless of whether it is kept under cover or outdoors in inclement weather.


For kitchens and gardens.


Self-service barbecues with no unpleasant smoke or risk of fire.

Urban Line

For parks, gardens and similar public places.

Professional /
Show cooking

Restaurants, Gastronomy Societies and especially for the preparation of food in front of the diners.