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Domestic Urban Line

Urban Line

Ideal for use in: standard single-family homes, villas with gardens, rural houses, community residential complexes, flats with terraces, town halls and other governmental organisations, theme parks, rest, leisure and entertainment areas, hostels and many more.

Jakisu;s urban barbecue line is very useful for private and public properties of all types. They are designed for use on terraces, in parks, communal gardens and other similar locations.

Their design allows users to enjoy time with their family and friends in comfort, eliminating the risk of fire, in concordance with current legislation about the use of barbecues and their positive coexistence.

Effective, quick, easy and simple

¿Es usted un padre o una madre que tiene interés en nuestra línea de barbacoas?

¿Es jefe/a de algún establecimiento de camping o encargado/a de compras para alguna organización o empresa hotelera?

Cualquiera que sea su consulta, no dude en contactarnos, en Jakisu estaremos encantados de ayudarle.

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For kitchens and gardens.


Self-service barbecues with no unpleasant smoke or risk of fire.

Urban Line

For parks, gardens and similar public places.

Professional /
Show cooking

Restaurants, Gastronomy Societies and especially for the preparation of food in front of the diners.